Erik van Dijk, Zwolle, Netherlands
Short curriculum vitae (English)

Dr  H.W.J.  van Dijk is an ecologist specialised in coastal and inland water systems. His Ph.D. thesis on ecological effects of drinking-water  production in coastal dunes was received with honours (1984).

He has thorough experience in coordinating and managing international projects, as freelance director of operations for the EUCC (1986 – 1996) and various international projects of the Province of Overijssel (1990 – now)..

The EUCC project involved field work on integral water management and coastal ecology, resulting in inventories of coastal dune systems in The Netherlands, Portugal, and Poland.. He taught Post-Doc courses in Portugal (University of Aveiro) on integral coastal management for several years. He organised and actively participated in various international symposiums and workshops on the subject in Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Albania and The Netherlands, He also organised and participated in excursions to coastal systems in all of Europe’s coastal countries.

International work for the Province of Overijssel  consisted of the German-Dutch coordination of trans-boundary water-management systems (surface- and groundwater), project management in the twin country of Latvia (1997-2005; drinking-water and wastewater) and in  Romania (2005-2008; drinking-water, wastewater, flood protection, institutional analyses, establishment of international water centre).  In all these projects, the European Water Framework Directive played an important role. Within the Netherlands he managed an  implementation project of  this directive in the Provinces and Water Boards (2000 – 2003) and gave many  presentations of this project abroad (Germany, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary).

Further relevant activities for the Province of Overijssel: policy-making for sanitation of polluted sediments, monitoring of ecological and chemical data (especially for trans-boundary water systems), development of ecological aims for 13 types of water systems, reports and evaluations of the policy and management of regional water systems.

He also presented papers about Dutch water management in Russia (Krasnoyarsk, Saint-Petersburg, Irkutsk). And presented the  Dutch groundwater policy  at a ground water symposium in Budapest, Hungary (2003).